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Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Acid Walrus?
TAW is a collection of 10.000 randomly generated and unique NFTs in the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Walrus allows its owner to be part of the active holders and enjoy different perks like Premium Member benefits, Airdrops, Giveaways and other upcoming features we would like to explore.

What’s the mint date?
 We are launching on June 1st!

Price per NFT?
The mint will cost 0.07 ETH in Pre-Sale
and 0.123 ETH in Public Sale

How many total units?
There will be a total of 10.000 Walruses.

How to join Whitelist?
Complete this form and apply to be whitelisted for the Pre-sale.

Future plans?
In the future, we would like to explore more things to do with the NFTs, like breeding, games and staking.